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Red Free Standing Altar Bell

Anjian Australia

Red Free Standing Altar Bell


This great looking altar bell would suit a permanent altar or meditation space. It's simple inspired design lends itself to just about any space. Material: Wood, Dimensions: 23cm(H) x 18cm(W)

New Age Shop

Small Altar Bell With Pentagram


This smaller sized altar bell produces a great chiming sound that is both loud enough to be practical yet not too loud for enclosed or smaller spaces. A great item for meditation or ritual purposes where concentration shouldn't be broken. Material:...

Kilin With Sage Coin Bell Windchime

Anjian Australia

Kilin with sage coin bell on red cord


Ki-Lin, Sage Coin Bell Purity, Wisdom, Protection & Good Fortune The KiLin (Chinese Unicorn) is the emblem for exquisite goodness, longevity, grandeur, endless compassion and great wisdom. It is said the KiLin walks both on earth and water, never...